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Grupo B
Panamá City, Panamá




It is the belief of Grupo B that all injuries and work-related illnesses can be prevented. With this in mind, the goal of this organization is continuous improvement of those processes ensuring the safety and health of our employees. Though simple in statement, the implications of this goal are of the greatest magnitude. It reflects a philosophy that has led our company to success in the past and will guarantee the same in the future.

In the realm of safety and health, this means a constant and relentless pursuit of perfection (zero accidents), while accepting excellence as the only alternative. We trust in the abilities of our employees and those asked to lead in a supervisory role. This trust, along with proper training and constant attention to detail, will ensure our success in maintaining a world class safety organization. Thus, we look to the future, remembering both success and failure. It is this combination of experience and innovation that guarantees both the safety of our employees and the future of our company.

Pushing the boundaries for excellence in Safety and Health, Grupo B strives for world class certification through OSHA Voluntary Protection Program as part of our desire to be the premiere construction company in the Panamá City area.